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Company Background

Established in 2012, Dermawear has, in a span of a decade, emerged as a leading brand and a definitive voice in the shapewear industry. A preferred brand offering a varied and extensive range of premium quality shapewear for women and men, alike, an athleisure range for athletic and casual dressing, along with a range of comfortable sports bras.

Our founders, Rajendra Kumar and, Abhishek Kamal Kumar, envisioned a forward-looking brand that combines innovative designs with functionality and comfort at its very core. The aim is to make people feel body confident.

The journey began when Dermawear introduced a range of stockings and shapewear, revolutionizing the way people perceive body shaping and support garments.

Today, our product portfolio has expanded significantly, offering a wide array of meticulously crafted shapewear and athleisure clothing that caters to diverse body types and fashion preferences. We continually strive to broaden our product basket to meet the evolving needs of our customers.


Our commitment to excellence has earned us a turnover of 37.5 Crores in the past financial year, a testament to the trust and loyalty of our growing customer base.

Our registered address is at 203-204, Swamini Industrial Estate 3, Opp. Varun Industries, Nanal Nagar, Waliv, Vasai (E), Palghar - 401208, Maharashtra - India.

What sets Dermawear apart is the unwavering dedication of our founders in building the brand. They have been instrumental in giving the company its unobstructed vision and imparting steadfast values with which the phenomenal growth of Dermawear has been achieved. Our every product reflects their commitment to quality, innovation, and customer satisfaction. It is their relentless pursuit of perfection that has garnered recognition and accolades from customers, influencers, and industry experts, alike.


One of the key factors of Dermawear’s growth is the staunch commitment and industry expertise of our promoters. They have been actively involved in all aspects of the business, ensuring that Dermawear maintains the highest standards in every department and always delivers customer satisfaction.

Embracing the power of e-retailing has been instrumental in Dermawear's success. It has allowed us to effectively connect with a vast number of consumers while reducing costs associated with traditional retail channels. Through our online presence, we have significantly enhanced our brand visibility and established Dermawear as a recognized and trusted name in the market.


Our own website, serves as our direct online connect with customers and helps them easily explore and purchase our premium products. In addition to our website, we have established strategic partnerships with leading e-commerce players in domestic as well as international market, expanding our reach and accessibility to a wider consumer base.

Our growth trajectory is fuelled by the passion of our promoters and the dedication of our team. With their collective expertise and commitment, we have successfully developed the Dermawear brand and built a loyal customer following. This customer loyalty serves as a testament to the effectiveness and quality of our products, further solidifying our position in the market.

Moreover, the growing trend of e-commerce presents immense opportunities for Dermawear. As more consumers embrace online shopping, we are well-positioned to meet their needs and provide a seamless and convenient shopping experience. By capitalizing on this trend, we aim to expand our operations on a PAN-INDIA basis, ensuring that our premium products are easily accessible to customers across the country.

We are grateful for the continued support from the government, which has fostered a favourable environment for e-commerce and entrepreneurial growth. With this support, Dermawear is poised for further expansion, strengthening our position as a popular brand among the masses.

At Dermawear, we are committed to delivering exceptional products, superior customer service, and a seamless online shopping experience. Through our website and strategic e-commerce partnerships, we are dedicated to meet the diverse needs of our customers, and maintaining our position as a leading brand in the shapewear and athleisure market.

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