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Vision & Mission

Dermawear is poised to embark on an exciting journey of growth and expansion, fuelled by a clear vision and strategic objectives. We have outlined a robust roadmap to solidify our position as a leading brand in the shapewear and sports bra industry, and we are eager to share our future plans.

Launching New Products: As a customer-centric brand, we understand the importance of continuously innovating and expanding our product offerings. In the coming years, Dermawear will introduce a range of new products to cater to evolving customer needs and preferences. This includes exploring new designs, materials, and technologies to offer cutting-edge solutions that enhance body shaping and support.


Diversification: In addition to our core shapewear and sports bra categories, Dermawear aims to diversify its product portfolio. By expanding into complementary segments such as activewear, loungewear, and intimate apparel, we can meet a broader range of customer demands and strengthen our market presence.

New Production Unit and Machinery: To support our growth plans, Dermawear will establish a state-of-the-art production unit equipped with advanced machinery and technology. This investment will enable us to increase our manufacturing capabilities, optimise production efficiency, and maintain the highest standards of quality across our product range.

Automation: Embracing automation is a key component of our future plans. By leveraging cutting-edge technologies and automated processes, we can optimize our operations, reduce production costs, and improve overall efficiency. Automation will enable us to meet the increasing demand for our products while maintaining consistency and precision.

Expansion and Target Revenue: With a clear focus on expansion, Dermawear aims to establish a strong presence across key domestic and international markets. Our target is to achieve a revenue milestone of 100 crores by 2025. This ambitious goal reflects our confidence in the strength of our brand, the effectiveness of our marketing initiatives, and the loyalty of our growing customer base.

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